Count on Charter for the Highest Speed

So every member of the family can use their devices at once


  • 60 Mbps, the fastest internet speeds available
  • Free Security Suite keeps your family safe
  • Enough speed for multiple devices at once
  • Tech support available 24/7 to keep you connected

Charter Spectrum’s Internet of the Future

Fastest speeds available and contract-free services make Charter Spectrum’s Internet best in class

We know that your home runs on internet. From paying bills to checking grades to scheduling maintenance and repairs, high-speed internet is necessary to keep your home operating smoothly.

In addition to the necessities, Charter’s High-Speed Internet is fast enough to support your entertainment needs, too. Stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and music without delay, get your shopping done in no time, and browse your favorite websites with losing connection.

Charter aims to bring you the most technically advanced services in the area at the lowest prices possible so nobody is excluded from a connected, efficient lifestyle.

Bundle Services for Unbeatable Value

When you allow Charter to provide all of your services, we reward you with savings

For the most harmonious relationship, get your high-speed internet, digital phone, and TV services from the same provider. In turn, we’ll reward your loyalty and repeat-customer status with deep savings, locked-in prices, and the best 24/7 customer service around.

  • Over 200 high-definition TV channels
  • High-tech digital Voice home phone service
  • Reliable high-speed internet to support your lifestyle
  • Innovative small business services

Check Your Internet Speed

Take an Internet Speed Test

Test your Internet Speed from any device using our HTML5 speed test. No application download or Flash required!

Start Test Now speed-test-on-multiple-devices

Charter offers a free internet speed test so you can find out if your internet is as fast as it can be. Only high-speed internet supports live streaming of movies and music, multiple device connectivity at the same time, and Charter Spectrum’s digital Voice services.

  • Enjoy the luxury of high-speed internet
  • Stay safe with free Security Suite from Charter
  • Never limit the number of users in your home at once again
  • Never sign a one-sided contract with another service provider