Never Pay Extra for High-Def Again!

Charter always includes high-definition at no additional cost to you


  • Over 200 high-definition channels
  • Over 10,000 on-demand movies and shows
  • Free access to the Spectrum TV App
  • Never sign a contract for TV services again
  • Free DVR service to record your favorite shows

You Won’t Want to Wait for a Rainy Day

Over 200 HD channels will capture your attention every day of the year

Watching TV used to be the best way to pass time on a rainy day, but with Charter’s Spectrum TV, watching TV is the best way to pass every day. Sunny days, snowy days, windy days, rainy days…spend them all watching or recording your favorite shows with friends and family.

Whether you’re getting your early-morning update on world news before work or relaxing with a comedy at the end of the day, we know TV is an integral part of your day and your life. Our innovative, inspiring, and real programs add knowledge, enlightenment, enrichment, and entertainment to your life.

We take TV seriously at Charter because we know it matters.

Bundle with digital phone and internet services for the best connection every day

Bundle with digital phone and internet services for the best connection every day

Charter Spectrum’s TV services work best when paired with Charter Spectrum’s Internet and Voice services; take advantage of the convenience, reliability, and affordability of bundled services with Charter today!

  • Manage all three services in one convenient account
  • Enjoy quality services supported by high-speed internet
  • Take advantage of discounts for bundling services
  • Utilize almost 20 advanced calling features

Is Your Internet as Fast as It Could Be?

Take an Internet Speed Test

Test your Internet Speed from any device using our HTML5 speed test. No application download or Flash required!

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Charter’s High-Speed Internet is the fastest available today and as fast as it needs to be to support your family’s online interests and hobbies. Find out how fast your internet is right now using Charter’s super quick one-click internet speed test.