Explore Basic and Premium Bundle Offers


Cox Communications offers some incredible bundle offers that come with a variety of perks. Internet service, television, phone, and even home security can all be combined for savings and convenience -- and there are additional benefits for those who want to transition to a fully-integrated Cox home. Bundles can be customized and tailored to your individual needs, with premium channels, advanced calling features, and faster Internet services.

  • Most bundles include free installation in addition to other benefits
  • Get a $200 Visa prepaid card with some qualifying bundles
  • Lock the price of your bundle for up to 24 months

Create Your Own Custom Bundle

Not sure what your household needs in terms of speed, power, and access? You can create your own custom Internet, phone, and cable service through the Cox Build Your Own Bundle service. Your custom bundle will include the premium channels you need and features such as on-demand streaming. And if you aren't certain of your Internet service needs, the Cox Speed Advisor is available to tell you what tier of Internet service you should include.

Integrated Internet Services with Cox

Cox isn't just a cable provider. The integrated television and phone services at Cox are made possible through the high speed Internet service that Cox provides. High speed Internet access makes it easier to download high-definition movies, complete reliable international calls, and to simply browse the Internet. By creating an all-in-one communications solution within your home, you can ensure that your cable television, telephone, and Internet will all be well-integrated and functional. To find out more about the speeds that Cox can provide, you can conduct our reliable Internet.

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