Secure and Protect Your Home With Cox Homelife

Cox Homelife is designed as a complete security and automation system for your home. Protect your property from the dangers of intrusion, fire, and carbon monoxide poisoning while being able to monitor your pets and your property while you're away from home. Cox Homelife includes 24/7 monitoring and response services, hazard detection, and an extensive inventory of equipment and sensors to let you know the moment something dangerous has occurred on your property. Even better, Cox Homelife comes with a variety of advanced automation features to make your home more comfortable and accessible, ranging from thermostat adjustments to lighting.

  • Get 24/7 professional monitoring and response to protect your home
  • Detect carbon monoxide, smoke, and water in your property
  • Monitor your home with indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Get notifications wherever you are through text and email alerts
  • Control appliances and lights within your home remotely

Choose the Right Cox Homelife Plan for You

Cox Homelife is offered in both essential and preferred packages, both at an exceptionally affordable monthly rate. Essential packages include 24/7 professional monitoring, mobile device access, text and email alerts, and an extensive assortment of starter equipment. The starter packages for the Cox Homelife solution include window and door sensors, motion sensors, wireless routers, and yard signs and window decals. Preferred packages also include smoke detection, water monitoring, carbon monoxide monitoring, live video services, and 24-hour continuous video recording services. There are also advanced control and automation solutions, including the ability to turn appliances off, turn lights on and off, adjust the thermostat, and unlock and lock doors.

Control and Automate Your Home with Cox Homelife

Cox Homelife leverages advanced technology features and mobile devices to give you complete control over your home. Through Cox Homelife, not only can you monitor and manage your home at any time, but you can also control door locks, thermostats, and other small devices. This all-in-one security system comes with a variety of advanced features, ranging from the ability to detect water damage to sensors that detect breaking glass. The 24/7 monitoring service and text and phone alerts will further ensure that you will never miss a thing. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their home; Cox Homelife makes it easier to remain in charge even when you're away.

Creating a Smart Home through Technology

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A smart home can't be smart without reliable Internet access and accessibility. Through your home's cable Internet service and WiFi access, you'll be able to detect break-ins, get alerts, and stream real-time video. The reliability and speed of Cox High Speed Internet makes it easier than ever to transmit real-time monitoring video and send both text and email alerts in the event that something does occur. The more reliable your Internet service, the easier it is to access your home's smart features while on the go. But just how fast is Cox Internet service? Our comprehensive Internet speed test can tell you more about the cable provider's current speeds.