Combine phone, TV, and Internet

All your favorite entertainment on one affordable bill

  • Combine just DISH Network TV and Internet
  • Bundle Internet, phone, and TV services together
  • Get big savings and quality entertainment from DISH
  • All entertainment is in picture-perfect HD quality
  • Bundle deals start at just $99 a month

DISH Network Bundles Save Big

Get more great entertainment for less with DISH

The days of paying for separate phone, Internet, and TV bills are over. With DISH Network, you can enjoy the same quality entertainment you’re used to in convenient bundles that save you money. You still get nearly 200 great TV channels, speedy Internet at 12 mbps, and local and international calls.

No matter what your family wants to do, they’ll always be entertained. They can watch HD TV, download and stream movies, and chat with relatives and friends. You can choose a TV and Internet bundle or combine TV, Internet, and phone when you order from DISH Network.

  • Watch your favorite TV channels in crisp, gorgeous HD
  • The Hopper DVR makes it easy to record shows you’d miss
  • Download files in a breeze with blistering 12 mbps Internet
  • Your connection doesn’t slow down even when someone’s on the phone

DISH Network DSL Internet Provides Speedy Service

At the center of your TV and phone service is DISH Network’s fast DSL Internet. Your connection ensures that your calls don’t drop and that you can watch TV anywhere. To make sure that your Internet is running optimally, request a speed test today.

Take an Internet Speed Test

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