DISH Network Digital Home Phone

Talk Anytime with DISH Network Digital Home Phone

  • Choose a basic plan for everyday service
  • Make local calls anytime with home phone
  • Enjoy 3,000 free monthly minutes of international calls
  • Dial internationally with the nationwide phone package
  • Rates are affordable if you exceed your minutes

DISH Network Digital Home Phone and Voice

With digital voice technology, calling has evolved

Bundle your digital home phone and voice services with DISH Network DSL Internet for the fastest in call dialing and receiving. Leave the traditional landline behind and use your speedy DSL Internet to make and receive calls instead. Choose from 7, 12, or 40 mbps Internet for calls.

With voicemails, call screening, call history, and more digital features, you don’t have to pick up the phone whenever it rings. The choice is now yours. Whether you’re hanging out at home or you’re at work, school, or out and about, DISH Network’s digital home phone and voice accommodates your active lifestyle.

Get More with a DISH Network Phone Bundle

Save more when you surf the Internet and talk

  • Enjoy nearly 200 TV channels with DISH Network TV
  • Internet is speedy at up to 40 mbps
  • All three services are on one affordable, convenient bill
  • All services are in the best quality for reliable entertainment

DISH Network Phones and DSL Internet

Take an Internet Speed Test

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The reliability of DISH Network’s DSL Internet combines with its digital home phone and voice services for fewer dropped calls and no lags. If you want to check that your DISH Internet is running up to speed, make sure to try out this Internet speed test.