Forget about Lag with DISH Internet

With Internet up to 40 mbps, forget about buffering


  • Choose from three affordable, fast Internet packages
  • Internet bundles available with most TV packages
  • Nationwide phone packages available with Internet service
  • Stream movies and play games without lag
  • Get a bundle that includes DISH TV

Exceptional Internet Speed at Home

At 40 mbps, DISH Internet is renowned for its speed

When you need blazing speed, DISH Network delivers with its Internet packages. Even its Good DSL Internet package has blistering speeds of 7 mbps, making it ideal for two devices and two simultaneous users. If you plan on emailing, surfing the Internet, or streaming some video, this package is best.

The Better DSL Internet package is even faster at 12 mbps. If you have family members at home who use smartphones and tablets a lot, this package is for them. Download files with ease and stream videos as regularly as you want.

If you just can’t wait, the 40 mbps Internet package is for you. This can handle a variety of devices all connected at once, and this connection is strong enough to play online games and stream HD-quality video at the same time.

Get Phone, Internet, and TV with DISH Network

Don’t pay separate bills for phone, TV, and Internet again when you have DISH Network. You can combine these services into one convenient and affordable bundle. You get international calling, fast Internet, and DISH’s America Top 120 TV package.

  • Enjoy high-speed Internet up to 40 mbps, perfect for streaming
  • Never lag behind when playing your favorite online games
  • Packages give you Internet, TV, and phone for six months
  • Pay one convenient bill for all services each month

DISH Network’s Trustworthy Internet Services

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While DISH Network Internet works with other high-speed Internet service providers, for best results, your DISH Internet should be used with other DISH services. Never question your speed when you can try a speed test to make sure that your Internet is up to par. Check your Internet performance today.