The New Home Security is Digital

Frontier Secure delivers Digital Home Security

  • Multi-Device Security protects your family on all devices
  • Connected home keeps you connected and in control while at home or away
  • Equipment Protection protects as many or as few devices as you choose
  • Identity Protection monitors your credit so you don’t have to

Customize the Plan that works for you!

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Experience the New Home Security

You’ll never see home security in the same way again

Frontier Secure combines device protection, home security, personal identity protection, and the convenience of being fully connected to your home and your data all times to bring you a comprehensive, single solution to a multitude of new age digital problems.

To ensure you only pay for the services that are beneficial to you, Frontier offers its Secure services in an “a la carte” fashion; you choose the services you need, want, and can accommodate in your budget, and we deliver.

Frontier’s unlimited remote technical support means you don’t have to be a tech whiz to make the most of our services; that’s what we’re here for.

Lower Your Bill by Bundling with Frontier

You get your services in one convenient place; we discount your bill

Frontier Secure is fully integrated with FiOS and Frontier High-Speed Internet to make bundling not only cost-effective, but convenient and efficient. Protect yourself, your home, your family, and your electronics all while saving money on the necessities.

  • • Home Phone and Voice Technology to keep you connected with friends and family
  • • High-Speed Internet with 1 year of Amazon Prime Free when you switch to Frontier
  • • Video Services offering hundreds of high-def channels, DVR, and budget-friendly packages
  • • Secure Services that use advanced technology to protect your home, family, and identity

Frontier Secure Services Rely on High-Speed, Reliable Internet

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Frontier Secure is designed to run on Frontier’s FiOS or Frontier High-Speed Internet. Need to see it with your own eyes to believe in lightning-speed internet? Check your speed with our quick and simple online speed test.