High-Speed Internet from Frontier

Keeping you up-to-speed in a digital era


Sourcing your internet, TV and phone services from separate providers is a hassle, so keep it in the U-verse family. Pair your AT&T U-verse Internet with U-verse TV and Home Phone services for supreme savings and the convenience of one monthly bill.

  • Monthly price is guaranteed for three years
  • No contract required for price-lock guarantee
  • Speeds up to 1GB so you can stream, shop, or work
  • Free Wi-Fi router to keep you connected on your wireless devices

Customize the Plan that works for you!

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The Best Service at the Lowest Price: Frontier High-Speed Internet

Bring your home up to speed with Frontier’s High-Speed Internet, boasting speeds of up to 1GB

  • Frontier Satellite Internet serves customers in remote areas
  • Bundle with TV and Phone to save 25% on your services
  • S Internet from Frontier brings streaming and gaming speeds to your home
  • High-Speed Internet Package combines speed with affordability

Frontier Internet Services: A Step Ahead

Internet services are only as good as they are fast and reliable

We live in a digital era. Home life is dependent on being connected, from bookkeeping to ordering fast food to keeping our home running smoothly. Frontier has gone to great measures to provide internet service that is up to the challenge even in the most remote areas.

Frontier’s FiOS Internet is fast enough to carry the load of a den full of teenagers engaged in online gaming while parents stream Netflix live from the living room. It’s fast enough to host Frontier Voice, a cutting-edge home phone system that runs off of your high-speed internet connection.

Bundle Frontier Internet to Save

When you bundle internet with other Frontier services, you can save 25%

Take an Internet Speed Test

Test your Internet Speed from any device using our HTML5 speed test. No application download or Flash required!

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Frontier Internet is designed to work with Frontier phone, TV, Voice, Connected Home, and Identity Protection programs, so you can rest assured your services will work together seamlessly when you get them all from Frontier.

  • High-definition TV with custom packages to suit your family
  • Ability to watch TV channels from smart phone or tablet
  • Affordable, reliable high-speed internet
  • lexible home phone plans to accommodate your usage