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Fast and Reliable Cable Internet Service Helps You Stay Connected

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  • Super-fast internet speeds up to 50Mbps
  • Secure Home WiFi with TWC WiFi-Passpoint
  • Multiple email addresses and digital storage Free
  • Free access to nearly 500,000 hotspots
  • Free antivirus and parental controls software
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Stay Connected Anywhere and Anytime

Reliable connectivity and convenient WiFi options keep you connected

Time Warner Internet is powered by some of the most advanced equipment on the market. In addition to rapid internet speeds up to 50Mbps, you can also benefit from WiFi both home and away with almost 500,000 hotspots at locations across the U.S.

Save with SignatureHome®: Bundling TV, Internet, and Phone

With the SignatureHome® package you can get the best that Time Warner Cable has to offer in one convenient deal. Just bundle your cable TV, Internet, and Phone service together with the same trusted provider for the ultimate cost savings and convenience.

  • Enjoy 200+ channels in addition to 30,000+ On Demand Titles
  • Experience the fastest internet speeds available with free WiFi
  • Use VoiceZone® phone service, featuring visual voicemail and online account management
  • Utilize free installation with 24/7 online and phone customers service support

Get Internet Service That Passes Speed Tests

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Time Warner Cable delivers the high-speed internet service you need to stay connected. In addition, you get the bonus of multiple email addresses, all the storage you need, and the extra security features that help protect yourself and your family.

The internet speed test helps you measure the speed between your computer and internet to make sure that you have the speed you need to surf the web with ease, seamlessly stream your favorite movies, and video chat with your friends and family without interruption. Get your Time Warner speed test now to see how you’re your internet is performing.