Time Warner Cable Voice Services

Keep in contact with these home phone services.


  • Make and receive from almost anywhere
  • Utilize features like visual voicemail and video calls
  • Screen and block unwanted telemarketing calls
  • Access voicemail from one convenient online location
  • Select plans include calls to European Union and Norway

Transform Your Home Phone Communication

Digital features enhance the way you communicate with others

In addition to unlimited calling options in the U.S. plus 34 other countries, Time Warner Cable offers digital features like VoiceZone®, bringing you the convenience of managing phone options online and accessing voicemail anywhere. You can also video chat through innovative phone apps.

Save by Bundling TV, Internet, and Phone

An affordable phone plan is not all that Time Warner Cable has to offer. For the best deal, bundle your voice service together with internet and cable tv to take advantage of the fast and reliable Internet service and premium television experience.

  • Gain access to 200+ of top television channels
  • Get fast and reliable on-the-go internet access with TWC WiFi® Hotspots
  • Watch your favorite shows in high definition with HD Box
  • Take advantage of unlimited calling and voicemail

Voice Powered by Reliable Internet Service

Take an Internet Speed Test

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Time Warner Cable’s voice services are backed by their fast and reliable internet. This cable internet service is necessary for using dynamic voice features like the Phone 2 Go app, which allows you to video call, chat and text from your iPhone or Android device.

It’s important to run an internet speed test to make sure your internet service is running fast enough for you to video chat with your friends and family in real time. Run a Time Warner speed test now to see if you are getting the speed you need to take advantage of all of the voice features.