Advanced Home Phone with XFINITY® Voice

Enjoy more ways to connect with friends and family.

  • Unlimited nationwide talk and text
  • Reliable home phone service with the best call clarity
  • Enjoy 12 popular, advanced calling features
  • Caller ID across your TV, PC, tablet and smartphone
  • Upgrade Voice with the X1 Entertainment Operating System®

Your High-Tech Home Phone

Learn how XFINITY® Voice completes your home entertainment plan.

Welcome to the future of home phone service – it’s called XFINITY® Voice. Not only will you get reliable, clear phone service, you can choose the best XFINITY® Voice plan that fits your day-to-day needs and budget. XFINITY® Voice Unlimited Saver delivers the best value in home phone service for just $20 a month, every month. So, keep your current phone number and talk as much as you like, nationwide. The Saver plan is one low-price deal you can count on.

For those wanting the most cutting-edge features and a total home entertainment experience, XFINITY Voice Unlimited® is the upgraded plan that offers even more ways to enjoy home phone. Get unlimited nationwide talk and text on your smartphone, 12 advanced calling features including Caller ID across all your devices, even your TV. This phone plan integrates perfectly with XFINITY® High-Speed Internet and TV. It’s the total package.

Life can be hectic balancing work and play, which is why many home phone users miss important calls. That problem inspired XFINITY® to lead the way in helping people stay connected on the go. With the XFINITY® Connect app, read your voicemail messages from your smartphone and have calls forwarded to you while you’re out and about. Enjoy unlimited nationwide talk and text on any WiFi-enabled mobile device, which also helps you save on your wireless phone bill. Plus, if you travel overseas, you get free calling to US numbers when you connect to any WiFi hotspot.

All of these amazing home phone features are backed by The Comcast Customer Guarantee™: a promise to always provide a superior customer experience.

Bundle XFINITY® Voice and Save

Select your monthly discount with XF Double and Triple Plays

All XFINITY® services are designed to work seamlessly through the Comcast® advanced cable network. So, keep your home high-tech and save some serious cash when you keep it all in the XFINITY® family. Pair your XFINITY® Voice with XFINITY® Internet and XFINITY® TV for great savings and the convenience of one monthly bill.

  • Reliable home phone service with the best call clarity
  • Fastest, most reliable in-home WiFi
  • Over 260 channels available with 24/7 sports coverage
  • The X1 Entertainment Operating System®

Pair XFINITY® Voice with Trusted Internet

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XFINITY® Internet delivers the fastest, most reliable in-home WiFi with the most coverage for your entire home. If you’re planning to get the best features out of XFINITY® Voice Unlimited with XFINITY® on the X1 Entertainment Operating System®, your high-speed internet must be powerful and robust. XFINITY® Internet is backed by leading internet speed tests, so we encourage you to view our speed test to see how it’s performing right now.