Experience Awesome with XFINITY® TV

More ways to get more entertainment.


  • Enjoy unsurpassed HD picture quality
  • Get instant access to thousands of hit movies and top 100 shows
  • Stream live TV with the XFINITY TV Go app or at
  • Watch many movies available a month before Netflix® and Redbox®
  • Choose the X1 Entertainment Operating System® for a one-of-a-kind interactive TV experience

XFINITY® on the X1 Entertainment Operating System®

Unleash your one-of-a-kind, interactive TV experience.

Watch TV like never before. XFINITY® on the X1 Entertainment Operating System® is the newest system that offers innovative perks, such as advanced search, personalized recommendations, and the latest episodes of top 100 shows pre-loaded and ready to watch when you are. It's never been easier to enjoy the entertainment you love at home and on the go.

Ready to multiply your viewing and recording? The X1 DVR™ service goes beyond today’s DVRs, allowing you to record up to six shows at once while watching live TV, plus watch your recordings on any TV in the house. Boasting up-to-the-minute technology, the X1 System lets you share what you’re watching on your favorite social networks, check the weather, view photos or listen to music on Pandora—all with apps right on your TV.

Bundle XFINITY® TV and Save

Choose your monthly discount with XF Double and Triple Plays

All XFINITY® services are designed to work seamlessly through the Comcast® advanced cable network. So, keep your home high-tech and save some serious cash when you keep it all in the XFINITY® family. Pair your XFINITY® TV with XFINITY® Internet and XFINITY® Voice for great savings and the convenience of one monthly bill.

  • Fastest, most reliable in-home WiFi
  • The X1 Entertainment Operating System®
  • Over 260 channels available with 24/7 sports coverage
  • Reliable home phone service

Match XFINITY® TV with Trusted Internet

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XFINITY® Internet delivers the fastest, most reliable in-home WiFi with the most coverage for your entire home. If you’re planning to get digital TV through XFINITY® on the X1 Entertainment Operating System®, your high-speed internet must be powerful and robust. XFINITY® Internet is backed by leading internet speed tests, so we encourage you to view our speed test to see how it’s performing right now.