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Plus taxes. 12 mo agmt, other qualifying service & combined bill req’d. Equip. fee applies. Incl 300GB data/mo. $10 chrg for each add’l 50GB (up to $100/mo.)

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  • Bundle with TV for under $2/day for 2/yrs!
  • Connect at Internet Speeds up to 75 Mbps
  • Guaranteed pricing for 2 years on bundles
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The Benefits of AT&T Bundles

5 top ways you save with AT&T U-verse® in Miami, Florida


The beauty of bundling AT&T U-verse home services is the cash you save, year after year. Many of your Miami neighbors are already browsing, watching and catching-up the smart way, with a single AT&T U-verse package in one convenient, monthly bill.

  • Save when you sign-up for 2 or more AT&T U-verse services
  • Save as a new customer with exclusive offers and upgrades
  • Save your time by avoiding multiple provider plans and bills
  • Save time with instant access to your online account
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Get the AT&T Apps!

Watch anywhere, anytime with AT&T U-verse TV in Miami, Florida


It’s time to get your TV on. AT&T U-verse TV features over 630 channels and apps to choose from – plus, premium programming like HBO®, Showtime®, Starz® and more! Miami viewers can watch the popular Talk Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres on NBC, or tune-in to see Clive Owen in the TV series, The Knick. Whether you like to catch your favorite sports team games on ESPN or record the latest episodes of the reality series, Selling LA, featuring on HGTV - AT&T U-verse TV has all your must-watch programming, plus some!

Get the Best Deals and Customize the AT&T Plan that works for you!

Our Guide to FREE Wi-Fi in Miami, Florida


AT&T Internet customers get free access to thousands of hot spots nationwide that allow you to connect in airports, universities, hotels, hospitals, retail stores, sports stadiums, and the majority of Home Depot stores, McDonald's, and Burger King restaurants.

Moving to Miami, Florida? Use our guide to access free public Wi-Fi from these local libraries. Check-in at work, chat with friends, or take your U-verse TV on-the-go, since you can watch shows from your phone or tablet. Get to know your town and stay connected all at once!

Florida offers thousands of FREE AT&T and public hotspots!

Grapeland Heights Branch 1400 Nw 37th Avenue, Miami, Florida (305) 638-5255
Miami-Dade Public Library System 101 West Flagler Street, Miami, Florida (305) 375-2665
Tamiami Branch Library 13250-52 S.W. Eighth St., Miami, Florida (305) 223-4758
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Coconut Grove Branch 2875 Mcfarlane Road, Miami, Florida (305) 442-8695
West Flagler Branch 5050 West Flagler St., Miami, Florida (305) 442-8710
Hispanic Branch Library 2190 West Flagler St., Miami, Florida (305) 541-9444
Civic Center Station Branch Library 1501 N.W. 12th Ave., Miami, Florida (305) 324-0291
Culmer-Overtown Branch 350 Nw 13th Street, Miami, Florida (305) 579-5322
Lemon City Branch 430 Ne 61st Street, Miami, Florida (305) 757-0662
Little River Branch 160 Ne 79th Street, Miami, Florida (305) 751-8589
Brockway Memorial Library 10021 Northeast Second Avenue, Miami, Florida (305) 758-8107
Allapattah Branch Library 1799 Nw 35th Street, Miami, Florida (305) 638-6086
Model City Branch 2211 Nw 54th Street, Miami, Florida (305) 638-6978
Fairlawn Branch Library 6869 Sw 8th Street, Miami, Florida (305) 261-1571
Shenandoah Branch 2111 Sw 19th Street, Miami, Florida (305) 854-5286
North Central Branch 9590 N.W. 27 Avenue, Miami, Florida (305) 693-4541
Edison Center Branch Library 531 Nw 62nd Street, Miami, Florida (305) 757-8687
Coral Reef Branch Library 9211 Coral Reef, Miami, Florida (305) 233-8325
North Miami Public Library 835 Ne 132 Street, Miami, Florida (305) 891-5535
North Miami Beach Public Library 1601 Northeast 164 Street, Miami, Florida (305) 948-2970
Concord Branch Library 3882 S.W. 112 Ave., Miami, Florida (305) 442-8695
West Dade Regional 9445 Coral Way, Miami, Florida (305) 553-1134
Miami Springs Branch 401 Westward Dr., Miami, Florida (305) 884-2575
Kendall Branch Library 9101 Sw 97th Ave., Miami, Florida (305) 279-0521
Country Walk Branch Library 15433 S.W. 137th Ave., Miami, Florida (786) 293-4577
Doral Early Childhood Library 9585 Nw 41st Street, Miami, Florida (305) 716-9598
Northeast Branch 2930 Aventura Blvd., Miami, Florida (305) 931-5512
Lakes Of The Meadow Branch Library 4284 S.W. 152nd Ave, Miami, Florida (305) 222-2149
South Dade Regional 10750 Sw 211 Street, Miami, Florida (305) 233-8140
West Kendall Regional 10201 Hammocks Blvd, Miami, Florida (305) 385-7135

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Dominate the web with superior upload and download times, thanks to AT&T internet speeds up to 75 Mbps - availability based on geo location.

Did you know that AT&T offers Gigabyte speeds that rival Google Fiber? Check out the news on for updates on cities with Gigabyte Internet plans.


Stream your TV anywhere from your laptop, tablet or mobile device. Or, easily run your business, make sales transactions and stay connected with next-generation mobile apps and services.

AT&T High Speed Internet customers can access music, exercise, and gaming applications plus use the AT&T online account features to pay for services or view data usage, and more!


AT&T Small Business U-verse services offer the flexibility to choose High Speed Internet, Voice, and TV packages tailored to specific business requirements.

Whether you need public or private viewing TV services or High Speed Internet in the office or on the go, AT&T has the Small Business bundle for you!