High Speed Internet Providers – Alabama

High speed Internet users in Alabama have a wide variety of connectivity options to choose from. Today there are more ways to connect to the Internet than ever before. The established connectivity options like T1, DSL, and cable have been joined by other broadband options like bonded T1 and satellite. The result is that high speed Internet consumers in Alabama can find precisely the kind of service they need to get the most out of their broadband experience (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test).

Alabama Internet Speed Test

DSL: It’s up to 100 times faster than standard dial-up Internet and is one of the lowest priced high speed Internet options. Many people start out with this and then determine later if a faster option is needed.

Cable: Diversity is the name of the game with this type of Internet connection. There are many speeds to choose from that will fit the needs of every type of residential customer. Speeds typically range from 512K x 128k to 3M x 384k.

Satellite: When cable and DSL connections aren’t available, satellite is the next option to consider. 1.0 Mbps speeds make it competitive with other broadband options.

T1: Businesses or people that download and upload large amounts of information from and to the Internet generally choose this type of connection. Speeds range from 384 kbps to 1.5 Mbps.

Bonded T1: This utilizes the advantage of multiple lines to improve on the already lightning fast speeds of T1 connections.

Alabama residents can look forward to reliable Internet services from the latest connectivity technology and will continue to enjoy updated versions of these technologies as they improve over the years. To determine which service is right for you, consider your amount of Internet usage: Downloads, uploads, or other activities that might require greater speed from your connection. After that, it’s a matter of discussing your choice with a local provider.