High Speed Internet Providers – Alaska

Alaska Internet services have come a long way over the last decade. That goes for the rest of the United States too. Ten years ago, dial-up was the primary method of connecting to the Internet and for its time, when there were no video Web sites or music services, it worked good enough (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test).

Alaska Internet Speed Test

As entertainment on the Internet expanded to include larger files and technologies that required greater speed, high speed Internet technologies began to fulfill the need. DSL, cable, T1, satellite broadband, and bonded T1 connections are now standard options for most homes across the United States.

The primary difference between high speed Internet options is usually the speed. Residential customers don’t usually need T1 or bonded T services. These two services are often needed by businesses. Bonded T1 is even faster than regular. It uses multiple lines to establish a super-connection. For home use, the lightning fast downloads and uploads provided by DSL and Cable Internet services are more than enough.

In terms of speed, cable is the faster of the two, with DSL closely behind. In areas where those two options aren’t available, satellite broadband steps in and fills the need. This type of connection doesn’t go through television or telephone wires, but owes its connectivity to satellite. This kind of Internet will generally be available everywhere and for some people may be the only form of broadband available.

If you’re a resident of Alaska and would like to upgrade your Internet connection to a faster type, or feel like you’re not getting the appropriate speeds out of your existing connection, research this issue much further than this simple summary. You deserve the fastest, most reliable Internet connection available to you and you shouldn’t stop until you’ve found a company that can give you the type of connection you need.