High Speed Internet Providers – Arkansas

Looking for high speed Internet in Arkansas? Though Arkansas’ population is ranked thirty-second in the United States it has the high speed coverage of a larger state. T1 lines and high speed Internet are available from Randolph to Miller counties, from the Ozarks to Mossy Lake.

Arkansas Internet Speed Test

Nearly two dozen companies provide T1 and bonded T1 connections in Arkansas. Big names like Comcast and Road Runner are the norm for Arkansas DSL connections. Cable Internet is reportedly the most popular Internet connection; around 50% of Arkansas citizens have high speed access provided by cable (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test).

Arkansas is considered the “most competitive” state in terms of broadband. Some states are dominated by popular monopolies. In Arkansas, the most popular broadband provider has a 30% market share, which (compared to the over 70% stranglehold that Cox Communications has over states like Delaware) is a tiny percentage. Why are so many different companies offering DSL and satellite broadband in Arkansas?

States with smaller populations and less wealthy clients tend to see more competition when it comes to selling high speed Internet setups like bonded T1 lines. Your search for a satellite broadband connection in Arkansas will likely lead you to many different doors and a wide variety of price points. There are some parts of the state that aren’t as advanced in terms of broadband Internet, mostly the more rural and less populated eastern and northwestern portions of the state. Still, most residents of Arizona enjoy the benefits of increased competition — lower prices and higher speeds.

Those of us who live in densely populated cities take our higher web surfing speeds for granted. Citizens of Arizona may also take their access to affordable web connections lightly, but they shouldn’t. Having more than a couple of options for a fast Internet connection is a rarity.