High Speed Internet Providers – California

As a savvy California consumer, you know the importance of a broadband internet connection — without such, one will struggle to do anything more than the basic email processes. In fact, you might even have trouble downloading, opening, or viewing email attachments (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test).

California Internet Speed Test

Luckily, there are now widespread broadband internet options available throughout the state. Each offers high speed connectivity and, unlike an old dial-up connection, they don’t tie-up your phone line, so you’re actually able to be on-line and using the phone, at the same time.

A T1 internet connection is one of your broadband possibilities; a T1 line can carry large amounts of data from multiple users at the same time, at a top data rate of 1.54 megabits per second. Such connections are excellent for small businesses. Another T1 option is the bonded T1, which is a collection of T1 lines gathered together, providing more bandwidth for the user. Bonded T1s are commonly found in offices and businesses who need lots of fast internet access.

DSL — Digital Subscriber Line — is another broadband internet access option; a DSL connection is delivered via the existing telephone lines. However, the technology means that the user can use the same line for receiving or making calls while surfing the internet.

Cable internet connections are a broadband delivery method where the signals are carried through the existing cable network infrastructure. Cable connections are widely available, so long as your home, apartment, or condo is wired for cable television.

Another popular method of broadband internet access is via satellite internet, where the user receives and sends data through a small satellite dish that is mounted on their roof, balcony, or on a pole in their yard. Satellite internet is a great choice for those living in rural areas where other high speed internet access avenues are not readily available.

Broadband internet connections are essential for life these days. The California consumer has access to many different broadband delivery methods, including T1, bonded T1, DSL, cable, and satellite. You, too, can now join the world of high speed internet access.