High Speed Internet Providers – Florida

Florida Internet Speed Test

Broadband Internet in Florida is now more advanced than ever, with half a dozen high speed options available to residential and business customers. The range of services is phenomenal and gives everyone the chance to have the type of Internet that works best for them. Here are the primary connection speeds:

DSL, short for digital subscriber line, is over 100 times faster than dial-up. Its speed is comparable to a T1 connection. DSL service costs less than T1 and requires service level agreements that are less severe than those required of a T1 connection.

For home users, cable’s price and speed combine to make it the fastest most affordable option. When quick download times are needed, cable is the way to go. With download speeds of up to 20 mbs, cable catches content for you quickly.

Satellite Internet is comparable in speed to DSL speeds. DSL isn’t available in all areas so for users that can’t acquire another broadband connection, satellite Internet is a good choice. It has speeds close to those found in DSL connections and it’s available almost everywhere.

T1 services are used primarily by businesses. These services come in many different categories, each offering a different speed and reliability rating. The needs of the business will determine what T1 connection is best. T1 connections usually enjoy priority routing over their DSL counterparts and frequently offer uptime of up to 99.99%.

Bonded T1
Bonded T1 gives users multiple T1 connections at once, which gives users more bandwidth than they would have with a standard T1 connection.

Florida broadband customers have many different speeds and prices to choose from (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test). New technologies have allowed for greater speed and uptime, making it easier than ever before for people to enjoy the world wide web without interruption. The future promises to get even better.