High Speed Internet Providers – Georgia

Georgia Internet Speed Test

As a resident of Georgia, you have many options when it comes to broadband internet service. No longer are you constrained to struggling with slow dial-up connections; instead, you can have high speed internet access through established technologies like bonded T1 lines, cable, DSL, and satellite. You should learn more about each option before making a decision about which is right for you.

Bonded T1
Bonded T1 or normal T1 lines are perfect for the small business. They carry a fiber-optic signal at speeds much faster than the normal, high speed modem and can easily handle multiple users at one time. With their high transmission speeds, T1 lines work great for the small business entrepreneur but are usually more pricey than the typical homeowner wants to spend on internet service. Some of the companies providing T1 access to Georgia are AT&T, Covad, and Qwest.

Cable Internet
A cable internet connection is delivered through your normal cable television coax, connecting to a special modem that converts the signals so that your computer can understand them. Cable internet is available to most residences that have cable television access, from providers like Cox and Road Runner.

DSL Internet
DSL — or Digital Subscriber Line technology — is a means of accessing the internet via existing telephone network infrastructure. Unlike a dial-up connection, though, the DSL user is able to use a single phone line to be both online and using the phone, simultaneously. DSL is available through companies like AT&T and Verizon.

Satellite Internet
Satellite internet connections are perfect for Georgia residents who live in rural areas where other broadband internet services are not readily available. A satellite connection delivers internet access via a small satellite dish — installed on the roof or a small pole — and a specialized satellite modem. While the speeds with a satellite internet connection are significantly faster than a dial-up connection, they are not as fast as some of the other high speed internet options. HughesNet, WildBlue, and Skycasters all offer satellite internet access.

In today’s world there simply is no excuse for not having a broadband internet connection. There are currently a variety of high speed options available to those living in Georgia — via cable, DSL, satellite, and T1 lines — that are available throughout the state. One of them will be perfect for your broadband internet needs (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test).