High Speed Internet Providers – Hawaii

For many Hawaiian residents, broadband internet connections are no longer an option… they are a necessary part of modern life. If you want to keep-up with family and friends, participate in social networks, read the news, stream video, or play online games, you need a broadband connection (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test). Luckily, there are multiple internet service providers (ISPs) in the islands, providing high speed connectivity through different technologies like satellite, cable, DSL, and T1 or bonded T1 connections.

Hawaii Internet Speed Test

Satellite Internet
Delivered to the consumer through a satellite dish which connects to a specialized modem, satellite internet is perfect for those living in remote parts of the state or in isolated areas where other broadband internet connections are not available. StarBand is one of the satellite ISPs offering service to Hawaii.

Cable Internet
Widely available, reliable, and affordable, cable internet connections are provided through existing cable lines which then connect to a modem. If your home or business is wired for cable television, chances are that you can also get cable internet service to that building. Two of the companies offering cable internet access to the islands are Oceanic Time Warner and Comcast Cable.

DSL Access
For many in Hawaii, DSL connections to the internet are the best option, as they are very affordable and available almost anywhere. The internet access is delivered through a single phone line coming into the residence; unlike dial-up access, which ties-up the telephone line, DSL technology allows the user to be surfing and talking on the phone, using a single line. ISPs that provide DSL connections in the state include Qwest and SBC Yahoo! DSL.

Bonded T1 and T1 Internet Access
For small to large businesses, T1 or bonded T1 lines are the perfect method for getting multiple employees and staff online, simultaneously, all at broadband speeds. In Hawaii, one of the larger companies providing T1 inter access is Qwest.