High Speed Internet Providers – Idaho

Connectivity speed is a phrase that no Internet user should be unfamiliar with. Connection speeds plays a large part of having an enjoyable Internet experience. The price, and speed, of the connection needs to be right for every household and business. Connectivity options have evolved considerably since dial-up once ruled the Internet connectivity kingdom.

Idaho Internet Speed Test

Today there are five primary types of broadband connections: DSL, cable, satellite, T1, and bonded T1. These five types of connectivity meet the needs of almost every residential and commercial Internet user.

Idaho Internet users need to be aware of the speed differences between these connections (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test). DSL stands for digital subscriber line and typically offers users speeds between 760 Kbps and 7 Mbps. DSL offers a dedicated connection, making it more secure than many other types of connection. For DSL services, especially customers that need faster connections, Cactus Internet serves many parts of Idaho.

Cable is similar to DSL in price and performance, though it does tend to be a bit higher on both counts. An average cable connection gives users speeds between 4 Mbps and 20 Mbps or higher. The increased speed is one of the big differences that cable costs more than DSL. Qwest has been serving the people of Idaho with great cable Internet services for years.

Satellite Internet is most similar to DSL. It average similar speeds and has the same level of reliability. Satellite Internet is typically available through DirecTv in the Idaho area. Because it is a bit slower than DSL, people will usually choose DSL whenever it’s available.

T1 connections are commercial friendly connections. It’s given a higher priority, costs more, and comes with broad service agreements that meet the demands of business. Bonded T1 connections can be even more powerful. By combining several T1 lines, speed and performance increases even further. There are other variations of T1 connections that can be useful to businesses in Idaho, such as integrated, fractional, and burstable. Everything T1 serves the Idaho area as of now.