High Speed Internet Providers – Illinois

Residents of Illinois have many options when it comes to broadband internet access. There are multiple internet service providers (ISPs) offering high speed internet connections through technologies like bonded T1 or T1 lines, cable, DSL, and satellite. As you well know, a broadband internet connection is a requirement for life today; the internet is how we communicate, find information, and keep in touch. Without a high speed connection, one is left out of much of life (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test).

Illinois Internet Speed Test

T1 and Bonded T1 Lines
Providing the perfect option for small- to medium-sized businesses, T1 and bonded T1 lines allow for multiple users, such as staff members and employees, to be downloading and uploading large amounts of data at the same time. This means all of your staff can be hard at work on the internet, without dealing with slow connection speeds or outages. Companies like ACC Business, Broad Sky Networks, MegaPath, and New Edge Networks offer T1 lines and bonded T1 connections in Illinois.

Cable Internet
Home users enjoy the reliability of cable internet access, which is delivered through the regular cable TV wiring. All that is required on the user’s end is a cable modem and an account with the cable ISP for broadband internet connectivity. Some of the ISPs offering cable internet access to the state are Cebridge Connections, Charter, Insight, and Mediacom.

DSL Access
DSL access providers connect the consumer to the internet, at broadband speeds, through the telephone line. The technology allows a single phone line to be used, simultaneously, for a high speed connection and making or receiving calls, meaning a dedicated phone line just for internet access is not required. DSL is available in Illinois through DirectWay, Optimum Online, Sprint, Verizon, and SBC Yahoo! DSL.

Satellite Internet
The perfect solution for residents of rural or isolated areas, satellite internet allows for broadband internet connections through a small satellite dish and a special satellite modem, both of which will be installed and aligned by the satellite ISP. Two companies providing satellite internet access throughout the state are HughesNet Satellite and WildBlue Satellite.