High Speed Internet Providers – Indiana

Indiana Internet users have a lot to look be thankful for right now and it’s all thanks to the remarkable number of connection speeds offered by today’s Internet service providers. From DSL to T1 connections, individual users and businesses can enjoy everything the Internet has to offer at a comfortable and affordable speed (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test).

Indiana Internet Speed Test

Even though the choices are numerous, it doesn’t mean that it takes ages to make a decision on the type of connection needed to get the most out of the Internet. Residential users usually find that DSL, cable, or satellite takes care of all their needs just fine, while businesses often go for a variety of T1 connection, such as bonded or fractional.

DSL and cable connections are often compared. While DSL is the slower of the two connections, it offers a greater degree of security than cable and it’s less expensive. For speed, though, residential customers can’t ask for much more than a cable service has to offer. With blistering speeds of up to 30 Mbps, cable is a speed demon that brings cutting edge video and game files straight into the home. There are many popular DSL and cable providers in Indiana , but AT&T and Qwest are internationally known and trusted.

For those that aren’t located in an area that can get DSL or cable, satellite Internet from Earthlink is a great alternative. Although speeds are somewhat slower than DSL, and setup fees can be high, this is sometimes the only option for broadband that some people in Indiana have.

T1 connections are the heart of the business world. Bluesky, Qwest, and AT&T are amazing T1 providers in Indiana, all of them offering high-end service level agreements that guarantee uptime so that businesses can perform at their highest potential. Bonded T1 connections are also available. These combine individual T1 lines together to form a sort of super line that increases performance even further than traditional T1 lines.

Altogether, citizens and businesses in Indiana have a lot of great choices to make.