High Speed Internet Providers – Kansas

Kansas Internet Speed Test

Kansas Internet providers continue to improve their services year after year, offering more affordable packages and options for consumers that depend on the Internet for daily news, shopping, videos, music, and other important information and entertainment. The result of this improvement has been the advent and perfection of various forms of connections, such as DSL and cable for residential customers, and T1 connections for businesses.

Home users almost always pick between a DSL connection or cable connection. The popularity of these two connections is easy to understand. Neither of these connections ties up a phone line and both connections are always on, meaning that there’s no need to log on. The Internet is always there, hassle free. Speed-wise, cable wins. It’s faster than DSL. It’s also more expensive. Customers that download a lot of videos or watch videos often opt for a high speed cable connection. Others that download less don’t mind to go with a DSL connection and wait just a bit longer for their entertainment. When Kansas citizens do go with a DSL or cable provider, it’s usually AT&T or Verizon. They’re reliable, time-tested carriers that deliver great Internet service (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test).

Sometimes cable and DSL aren’t available in all areas. Earthlink satellite and DirecTV satellite fill in the gaps. Satellite is slower than both DSL and cable, but it is more readily available.

T1 connections are generally reserved for businesses that need a guaranteed amount of uptime to make sure that profits aren’t affected. T1 connections are blazing fast and come in many varieties: Burstable and integrated are two. Bonded T1 connections are especially popular because they combine many T1 lines into one, creating greater speed and reliability. AT&T and Primary Network are great providers of T1 services in Kansas, though Primary broadband services are available in fewer areas.