High Speed Internet Providers – Kentucky

Kentucky Internet Speed Test

Kentucky broadband Internet services are now advanced enough to meet the needs of all Internet consumers. Business and residential customers in Kentucky can enjoy the luxury of having a service with upload and download speeds that actually allow for a full experience of what the online world has to offer in the way of technology.

Kentuckians currently enjoy the benefits of the popular connectivity types cable, satellite, DSL, and T1. All of these connection types offer different benefits that will suit a legion of customers. When one service doesn’t fit the bill, another one does.

Cable Internet requires users to have a cable line in the home where Internet is to be installed. Cable is a residential service that is often held up as the best of the residential connectivity options. AT&T is one of the most popular providers of cable Internet service and services are often offered at discounts if a customer signs up for phone service as well.

DSL is a bit slower than cable but it will save money for its users. Speeds range from 128 Kbps to 8 Mbps. Alltell offers customers competitive DSL rates even for faster varieties. The bandwidth from DSL is dedicated, not shared, and is more secure than the bandwidth from cable.

Satellite services have speeds starting at 6 Mbps, making its speed in the general range of DSL speeds. Setup fees for satellite Internet can be quite high though. Directv offers satellite services to residents of Kentucky.

T1 connections are usually the option of businesses and the connections come in many different varieties, among them the bonded T1 connection that combines several T1 lines into a single line. The uptime on these services is usually far more guaranteed than with other connection types due to the need that businesses have of having a connection that never fails. Kentuckians frequently rely on Qwest for T1 connections.

This list of connectivity speeds gives customers many choices to consider before ordering broadband Internet services. Thanks to progressing technologies, people have more choices than ever before when it comes to Internet services. Researching connectivity speed is an important first step in deciding which service best suits your needs (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test).