High Speed Internet Providers – Louisiana

For Louisiana residents, broadband or high speed internet access is no longer out of reach. There are many companies offering broadband internet connections throughout the state, via technologies like T1 lines, cable connections, DSL access, and satellite internet. As an educated consumer, you know the importance of high speed internet connectivity — for anything more than the most basic of email processes, you need broadband speed (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test).

Louisiana Internet Speed Test

Bonded T1 and T1 Lines
The vast majority of today’s businesses need to provide their employees and staff members with reliable, fast internet access. One solution for these businesses is a T1 line or bonded T1 lines — they allow for multiple people to be uploading and downloading information at the same time, without slowing down the connection speeds. Companies providing T1 access in the state include AireSpring, New Edge Networks, One Communications, and TelePacific Communications.

Cable Connections
Perfect for the home consumer, a cable internet connection provides broadband access through the cable television network cables — if your home, apartment, or condo is wired for cable TV, it is likely that you also have access to cable internet connectivity. Your internet service provider (ISP) will set you up with all of the required equipment. Some of the cable ISPs serving the state are Charter, Cox, and Time Warner Cable.

DSL Access
DSL access provides the consumer with broadband connection speeds via existing telephone lines. However, unlike the hassles associated with a dial-up connection, with DSL the user can be performing online tasks and talking on the phone, at the same time. Just one phone line can be used for both processes, through advanced DSL technology. Adelphia, Comcast, Insight, and Sprint are some of the DSL ISPs serving Louisiana.

Satellite Internet
Rural residents have lagged behind when it comes to broadband internet access until now. Now they, too, can have high speed connectivity through satellite ISP. The company will install the equipment, including a small satellite dish, and perform the needed alignments. Both WildBlue and HughesNet offer satellite internet access in LA.