High Speed Internet Providers – Maine

Maine Internet Speed Test

Broadband Internet in Maine is full of excellent choices for users. Many people choose a certain type of connectivity based on a combination of speed and price. Businesses usually need more speed and reliability than residential customers, so there would be no need for residential Internet users to pay additional money to get advanced service level agreements that guarantee better uptime. Businesses exist to make a profit, so they would be more interested in reliability rather than cost-cutting for the sake of cost-cutting.

Popular Internet connectivity speeds have improved over the years so that now people are able to watch large video files with no slowdown (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test). It’s good news for the people of Maine.

The most popular services for residential customers are cable, DSL, and satellite Internet. T1 services remain a service usually reserved for commercial customers. There are price and speed difference in all of these services, some great, some small.

When browsing for high speed services, consider AT&T’s cable services. Cable Internet remains the most popular option for home users because it’s more affordable than T1 service but it’s much quicker than DSL service. Cable does share bandwidth with other users, while DSL does not.

DSL and satellite Internet function at comparable speeds but satellite is more readily available to customers. All of these services are ‘always on’ connections, meaning that there’s no need to log onto the Internet when turning on a computer. You’re always connected. Earthlink offers boths services to the residents of Maine.

T1 and bonded T1 connections are the choice of many businesses. These connections are best when a business needs to use videoconferencing and large graphic file transfers. The bonded T1 connection is the same as the T1 connection, only it combines many T1 lines into a single line, increasing speed. Bluesky and Qwest Communications are just two of the many high quality T1 providers that help keep industry running fast in Maine.

The days of dial-up are long gone for Maine’s Internet users. Good riddance.