High Speed Internet Providers – Maryland

Where can I perform a bandwidth performance test in Maryland?

Maryland Internet Speed Test

What types of internet service providers are available in Maryland?

Dial up is still available in Maryland if you wish to use your landline to connect to the internet. When speed is not a priority, dial up will get the job done for surfing the Web and checking your e-mail. However, if you want the more modern approach to using the internet, broadband is available all over Maryland. Whether you are interested in Fiber Optic, Cable, Satellite, DSL, T1, or Bonded T1 internet service, it’s all available in Maryland.

Who offers these services in Maryland?

There is a healthy list of internet service providers for the most part, depending on where you live in Maryland. If you are interested in dial up internet service you can always use Netzero for their free service or subscribe to the low cost monthly plans they have available. Verizon offers Fiber Optic internet or “Fios”, which gives you a nice speed for an affordable price. Verizon also offers DSL and wireless internet as well. If you want the best speeds for the best price your best bet is to subscribe to Fiber Optic internet. However if Fios is not available DSL is the next best thing and is typically available in many areas of Maryland (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test). Cable internet is highly competitive with DSL and fiber optic technology. Comcast covers a large part of the cable internet market in Maryland. Speeds are better than the average DSL speed but the monthly charges may not match the average DSL monthly charge. If you find that those options are not available there is always satellite internet. Hughesnet offers satellite internet pretty much everywhere in the U.S. and Maryland is no exception. Satellite internet speeds are not the fastest but they faster than dial up. Often times in rural areas satellite becomes the best option because no other broadband options are available. Businesses find T1 or Bonded T1 internet one of the best options for them. T1 connections are highly secure and highly stable. Numerous companies such At&t, Covad, and Cavalier offer T1 and Bonded T1 in Maryland. T1 speeds vary but typically provide the equivalent of most DSL speeds or better.

Maryland Internet Service Provider Summary

No matter what service you select, Maryland has internet available in all flavors from dial up, to Fiber Optic, Cable, and more. So if you want to be online in Maryland it is as easy as you make it for yourself. Determine your budget and select the service provider you would like to use.