High Speed Internet Providers – Michigan

Michigan Internet Speed Test

Cable, DSL, satellite, and T1 Internet services are the most popular forms of connectivity available to Michigan broadband users. These high speed services give customers plenty of speed and power to accomplish online tasks, both business and recreational. Watching videos and listening to music is no problem with these connections, though for larger files it’s better to go with more high-powered versions of the services (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test).

The raw speed of cable is what it’s known for. Many people feel that cable Internet wins out over DSL in terms of speed, although because of this it loses out in the price war. Advanced DSL plans can come close to matching the speed of cable while still maintaining a lower price.

DSL Internet connections usually linger at about 10 Mbps of bandwidth while the most advanced cable connections read 30 Mbps. For some users, the high speed DSL service is more than enough speed to justify paying a lower price. Some users simply don’t need as much bandwidth to enjoy the Internet. Residents of Michigan enjoy the services of Earthlink DSL, as well as AT&T and Qwest.

Satellite services are slightly slower than DSL services and are usually chosen when no other service is available in the area. Set-up fees can be monstrous. Directv has offered satellite service for years to people that couldn’t access broadband otherwise.

T1 and Bonded T1 services are the choice of most businesses. Uptime is guaranteed so that businesses can be sure that they’ll be able to function at all hours of the day or night. There will be very little downtime. T1 connections can be fractional, integrated, burstable, or bonded. Bonded T1 is the most popular of the four because it combines many T1 lines into a single line that speeds services. It’s more affordable than other T1 services. AT&T and Network Innovations offer T1 services in Michigan.

The people of Michigan have many new connectivity options to replace dial-up. With so many large files, videos, games, and music on the Internet, a high speed connection is often the only choice for users.