High Speed Internet Providers – Minnesota

Minnesota Internet Speed Test

Broadband internet access — also known as high speed internet — is widely available throughout Minnesota. The days of dial-up internet access are over: broadband internet connections are essential if one wants to keep in touch with family and friends, read the latest news, and participate in social networking. There are many companies delivering reliable high speed internet connections to Minnesota residents, through technologies like Bonded T1 / T1 lines, cable, DSL, and satellite access.

Bonded T1 or T1 Lines
The solution for small- to mid-sized businesses which need to provide broadband access to multiple employees at the same time, a T1 line or bonded T1 lines are perfect, as they allow for many users to be uploading and downloading data, simultaneously. T1 service providers include Network Innovations, One Communications, Qwest, and UCN.

Cable Internet
The most popular means of delivering broadband internet access for many Minnesotans, cable access is provided by cable companies, which connect the user to the internet through existing cable television infrastructure. All that is needed is cable access, a cable modem, and an account with the provider. Some of the cable internet service providers in the state are Charter, Mediacom, and Time Warner Cable.

DSL Internet
Another very popular method of broadband internet access is through DSL connections. A DSL account allows the user to utilize a telephone line to connect to the internet at high speeds. Unlike the constraints of a dial-up internet connection, DSL access allows the consumer to be making or receiving calls while at the same time being online, surfing, chatting, or emailing. Adelphia, BellSouth, EarthLink, and Verizon all offer DSL connections in Minnesota.

Satellite Internet
Now even the most rurally-located Minnesota resident can have a broadband internet connection through satellite internet access. The satellite internet company will take care of installation of the required equipment — all that is needed is that the installation site has clear view of the skies to the south. Companies offering satellite internet connections are DirecTV, HughesNet, and WildBlue.