High Speed Internet Providers – Missouri

Missouri Internet Speed Test

Today’s fast-paced world demands broadband internet access. Dial-up connections are no longer capable of handling the amount and type of data that most consumers need. In Missouri, those residential users have options when it comes to high-speed internet connections, including cable, DSL, satellite, and T1 lines.

Cable Internet
Cable internet connections are delivered through the existing cable television network infrastructure; if your home or place of business has cable TV access, chances are that you will also be able to receive broadband cable internet connectivity at those addresses. In Missouri, cable internet providers include Cable One, Charter, Comcast, Cox, and Time Warner.

DSL Internet
A DSL internet connection is provided via telephone lines; however, unlike what happens with a dial-up connection, the user is able to be both surfing on the internet and using the same line to make and receive phone calls, at the same time. DSL connections are fast, effective, and very affordable. AT&T and Verizon provide DSL connections to the state.

Satellite Internet
If you live in a rural area where other broadband connections are difficult to find, you can still have high speed internet access through a satellite internet connection. You will need to have a small satellite dish installed, on your roof or a pole in your yard, and to run come coax cable to your residence. Several satellite internet providers in Missouri are HughesNet and WildBlue.

T1 or Bonded T1 Internet
The perfect answer for small- to large-businesses, a T1 or bonded T1 lines provide broadband connections for multiple simultaneous users. If you are looking for a T1 or bonded T1 access in Missouri, providers include ACC Business, MegaPath, Paetec, and Qwest.

There simply is no reason why a Missouri resident would not to have a broadband internet connection these days. With the wide array of technologies and high speed internet providers available, there is a solution for every home or business-owner (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test).