High Speed Internet Providers – Montana

Montana’s residents have a large number of options when it comes to broadband — also known as high speed internet services. There are many companies providing the latest internet access technologies through cable, DSL, satellite, and T1 lines. With the incredible growth of the internet, and its importance in today’s world, Montanans have no excuses for staying with slow dial-up access any longer (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test).

Montana Internet Speed Test

Cable Internet
Cable internet delivers broadband access through use of the existing cable television infrastructure. The client needs to have a computer, a cable modem, and cable access in their home or business. Comcast and Time Warner Cable both provide cable internet access in the state.

DSL Internet
A DSL — digital subscriber line — internet connection works using telephone lines. However, unlike dial-up access which ties-up the phone line, a DSL connection effectively splits the line, providing simultaneous broadband internet connectivity and the ability to use the phone line for incoming and outgoing calls. The user can be both surfing and talking at the same time. Montana’s DSL providers include Qwest, Verizon, and Yahoo / SBC.

Satellite Internet
Perfect for rural users, where other broadband internet technologies are not available, a satellite internet connection provides a high speed connection through a small satellite dish — mounted on the roof or a pole in the yard — which connects, via coax, to a satellite modem. This technology works so long as there is a clear view of the southern skies. Some satellite internet providers are HughesNet and WildBlue.

T1 or Bonded T1 Internet
A T1 or Bonded T1 broadband internet access line is perfect for the small business; more expensive than the other technologies, a T1 line can handle multiple users at a single time without slowing down the connection or transmission speeds. Covad, MegaPath, TelePacific, and TWTelecom all offer T1 and Bonded T1 connections to Montana subscribers.