High Speed Internet Providers – New Hampshire

New Hampshire Internet Speed Test

With its wealth of information, today’s internet does not work well at dial-up speeds. Residents of New Hampshire know this all too well. Luckily, there are several easy-to-access broadband internet technologies available to NH residents — satellite, cable, DSL, T1 and bonded T1 lines — available throughout the state, from different internet service providers (ISPs).

Satellite Internet
The broadband solution for those living in the more rural areas of New Hampshire, satellite internet uses a satellite modem and a smaller satellite dish to convey information and data to and from the internet. The equipment usually needs to be professionally installed and aligned, and there needs to be a clear line of sight to the south. The four largest satellite internet ISPs are WildBlue, SkyWay USA, HughesNet, and StarBand.

Cable Internet
A cable internet connection uses the cable wiring that is already in place in many homes, condos, and apartments. However, instead of carrying cable television signals, the cable lines carry internet information. The cable line terminates at a cable modem, which, in turn, is connected to the user’s computer. Time Warner Cable, Metrocast Cablevision, Comcast Cable, and Adelphia all offer cable internet access in the state.

DSL Internet
A DSL connection — the longer version is digital subscriber line connection — comes through the telephone line. The technology works through the use of a specialized phone jack that effectively divides a single line into low and high frequencies and then uses those to transmit voice and internet data, respectively. DSL ISPs in New Hampshire include SBC Yahoo! DSL, Verizon, and EarthLink.

T1 and Bonded T1 Lines
Businesses, small to large, have come to depend on T1 and bonded T1 lines. The connections offer enough bandwidth to handle multiple users sending and receiving large amounts of information at the same time. T1 service can be purchased through MegaPath, Covad, and Qwest.