High Speed Internet Providers – New Jersey

New Jersey Internet Speed Test

New Jersey consumers, like those across the nation, need internet options that can only be attained through broadband. They want to do so many things on the internet — keep in touch with friends, help kids with homework, plan for vacations, play games, and read the newspaper — things that they cannot do at dial-up speeds. There are now options for these consumers: they can choose from satellite, DSL, cable, and T1 or bonded T1 technologies, from a variety of internet service providers (ISPs).

Satellite Internet
Delivered through a satellite dish and a specialized satellite modem, satellite internet is the solution for those who live in the more rural areas of the state, areas where it is difficult, if not impossible, to find connections through DSL or cable. Satellite internet is an always-on connection that is available anywhere, just as long as there is a clear line of sight to the south. The four largest satellite internet providers are SkyWay USA, StarBand, WildBlue, and HughesNet.

DSL Internet
DSL technology, like dial-up access, connects the user to the internet through a telephone line. Unlike what happens with dial-up, though, the connection is at broadband speeds and the technology makes it possible to be online and talking on the phone, using the same single line, at the same time. Companies like AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, and SBC Yahoo! DSL all service New Jersey.

Cable Internet
Cable internet access is a high speed, reliable, and affordable method for obtaining broadband internet access. Many homes are now wired for cable television services; those same wires that deliver the television signal can also transmit and receive data from the internet. All that is needed, for the consumer, is a cable modem, a computer, and an account with a cable internet ISP, like Cablevision, Comcast Cable, or Time Warner Cable.

T1 and Bonded T1 Lines
For the New Jersey business owner who needs to have many employees online, sending and receiving large amounts of data simultaneously, T1 and bonded T1 lines are the answer. The technology provides a large amount of bandwidth, which can more than adequately handle the amount of information being transmitted by large and small businesses. Some of the ISPs delivering T1 and bonded T1 connectivity in NJ are Covad, CenturyLink, Qwest, and EarthLink.