High Speed Internet Providers – New Mexico

New Mexico Internet Speed Test

Across the United States consumers are demanding broadband internet connections; they know that they need the higher speeds and increased bandwidth in order to use many of today’s internet applications and interactive opportunities (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test). This is true for consumers in New Mexico, too, and there are many internet service providers (ISPs) that deliver high speed access through technologies such as bonded T1 and T1 lines, satellite, DSL, and cable.

Bonded T1 and T1 Lines
T1 lines, along with bonded T1, provide enough bandwidth and broadband speeds to connect multiple users, simultaneously, to the internet. That means small to large businesses can have all of their employees online, receiving and sending large amounts of information, at very fast speeds. Lobo Internet, MegaPath, and Qwest all offer T1 and bonded T1 connections in NM.

Satellite Internet
A great option for those people living in rural areas of New Mexico, satellite internet uses a small satellite dish and a specialized modem to connect the user to the internet. The required equipment usually needs to be professionally installed, but many of the satellite ISPs — like StarBand, HughesNet, and WildBlue — offer rebates on the installation.

DSL Internet
With digital subscriber lines — commonly called DSL — the user is connected to the internet through a normal telephone line. However, a special jack is installed that effectively splits the line into high / low frequencies, which are used for internet data and voice transmissions, respectively. For the user, this means finally being online and on the phone, at the same time. Qwest and SBC Yahoo! DSL are two of the ISPs offering DSL connections in the state.

Cable Internet
In today’s world, many residences — homes, condos, and apartments — are already wired for cable television service. Those same cable lines can also be used to connect a user to the internet, providing a broadband, reliable broadband connection that is always-on. New Mexico cable ISPs include US Cable, Charter Communications, Comcast Cable, and Cable One.