High Speed Internet Providers – North Dakota

North Dakota Internet Speed Test

North Dakota residents these days need the utility of fast and reliable internet speeds. For social networking, comparison shopping, travel planning, and games, they need broadband speeds (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test). Internet service providers (ISPs) have stepped in, offering different technologies — cable, DSL, satellite, T1 and bonded T1 lines — that provide high speed connections.

Cable Internet
Cable internet is the connection choice for many in North Dakota; plenty of homes are already wired for cable television, and the only further equipment needed are a cable modem and a computer. The cable internet data is transmitted through the same wiring that carries cable television signals. Two cable companies providing cable internet access to the state are Midcontinent Communications and Comcast.

DSL Access
Another popular option, DSL — which stands for digital subscriber line — access provides broadband speeds through a telephone line. Unlike dial-up access, DSL is an always-on connection that does not tie-up the phone line; the internet connection does not interfere with normal voice communications, so it is possible to finally be online and talking on the phone, using a single phone line. AT&T, Quest, Verizon, and SBC Yahoo! DSL all offer DSL connectivity in the state.

Satellite Internet
HughesNet, StarBand, SkyWay USA, and WildBlue all offer satellite internet access in the state. Satellite internet is an affordable and reliable method for connecting the consumer to the internet; it is available virtually anywhere, so long as there is a clear line of sight to the south, and provides broadband speeds to those consumers beyond the service areas of cable and DSL. Professional installation of the required satellite dish and modem are required for most satellite ISPs.

T1 and Bonded T1 Lines
Businesses small to large take advantage of the vast amount of bandwidth offered by T1 and bonded T1 lines. The technology allows for many users to be transmitting and receiving large amounts of data, simultaneously, without there being slowing or any lag time. Some T1 and bonded T1 ISPs for North Dakota are XO, Telnes Broadband, TW Telecom, and AT&T.