High Speed Internet Providers – Oklahoma

Business owners and residents alike are demanding affordable, reliable, easy broadband internet access throughout Oklahoma. Many internet service providers (ISPs) are stepping-up to meet this demand, offering high speed connections through technologies like bonded T1 and T1 lines, cable, satellite, and DSL. The broadband connectivity means that Oklahomans are able to enjoy all that the internet offers, without struggling through ineffectual dial-up internet access (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test).

Oklahoma Internet Speed Test

Bonded T1 and T1 Lines
The answer for small to large businesses that need to have multiple employees and staff members downloading and uploading large amounts of information at the same time, T1 technology provides a large bandwidth, capable of handling multiple heavy-use users. MegaPath and Qwest are two T1 ISPs.

Cable Internet
Many homes, including condos and apartments, are wired to receive cable television. The same wiring can also deliver broadband cable internet connections; instead of the cable terminating in the cable TV box, it ends at a cable modem, which connects to the user’s computer and helps to transmit the data upstream and downstream. Cable internet ISPs are Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, CommuniComm Services, Cebridge Connections, and Cable One.

Satellite Internet
Satellite internet is growing in popularity, especially in the more rural areas of Oklahoma, where other broadband internet technologies are not as readily available. Satellite internet access connects the user to the internet through a small satellite dish and a specialized modem. Connection speeds are significantly faster than dial-up, though usually not as fast as cable or DSL access. Satellite internet providers in the state include WildBlue, HughesNet, StarBand, and SkyWay USA.

DSL Internet
Relying on the established telephone network, DSL — digital subscriber line — connections work through the existing telephone lines. A DSL account uses an advanced technology that “splits” a single phone line into low / high frequencies and then transmits voice along the low and internet data along the high. This means the user is able to simultaneously be making or receiving phone calls and surfing on the web. Some of the DSL ISPs in the state are Verizon, Toast, Qwest, and CenturyLink.