High Speed Internet Providers – Rhode Island

Rhode Island Internet Speed Test

Internet users in Rhode Island, like those around the world, know it takes high speed internet access to enjoy today’s Web — broadband speed — for their connectivity. They know the importance of the internet in life today: people turn to the Net for information, their work, and to keep connected with friends and family members (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test). There are currently several popular methods for delivering broadband internet connections: satellite, DSL, cable, and bonded T1 or T1 lines, available from a variety of high speed internet service providers (ISPs).

Satellite Internet
For those living in rural areas of the state, locales where other broadband delivery methods are not available, satellite internet offers a high speed, always-on, reliable means of reaching the internet. Service and connections are delivered through a satellite modem and a small satellite dish. Several satellite ISPs include WildBlue, StarBand, SkyWay USA, and HughesNet.

DSL Access
Digital subscriber line — more commonly referred to as DSL — provides broadband connection speeds over the existing telephone lines. The technology uses a specialized phone jack that effectively splits a single line into low and high frequencies, allowing for just one line to be able to simultaneously transmit and receive voice and internet data. So the user can be receiving or making calls and surfing the internet, at the same time. In Rhode Island, some of the DSL ISPs in Rhode Island are Qwest, Verizon, and SBC Yahoo! DSL.

Cable Internet
Cable internet access is delivered through the cable television infrastructure, relying on the cables already installed in many residences to connect the user to the internet through the use of a cable modem that connects to the consumer’s computer. Cox Communications provides cable internet access to the state.

Bonded T1 and T1 Lines
Many Rhode Island businesses have chosen T1 or bonded T1 lines to connect their employees to the internet at broadband speeds. The technology allows for multiple users to be transmitting and receiving data from the internet without there being a slow-down or lag in connectivity. T1 connections can be had from Covad, MegaPath, and Qwest.