High Speed Internet Providers – South Carolina

South Carolina Internet Speed Test

Today’s internet requires broadband speeds: dial-up access is no longer fast enough for anything more than text-based email tasks. If the user wants to share photos, communicate through social networking, shop, download movies, and watch steaming and live video, high speed access is a requirement (remember: check your bandwidth performance regularly with an Internet speed test). For South Carolina residents, broadband connections are readily available through different technologies —cablesatelliteT1 or bonded T1, and DSL — from many internet service providers (ISPs).

Cable internet is available to any business or residence that is wired for cable television connections. All that is required is a cable modem — connected to the user’s computer — and an account with a cable ISP, like US Cable, Time Warner Cable, Comporium, Comcast, Charter Communications, and Adelphia.

Available anywhere in South Carolina that there is a clear view of the southern skies, satellite internet provides a broadband connection to consumers who do not have access to other high speed technologies. The user will need to have the equipment professionally installed, including the satellite modem and the satellite dish that works as a receiver and transmitter. Some satellite ISPs in South Carolina are HughesNet, StarBand, SkyWay USA, and WildBlue.

T1 and Bonded T1 Lines
The broadband internet options that work for many businesses — large and small — are T1 or bonded T1 lines. The T1 technology allows for multiple users to be sending and receiving information at the same time, at very high speeds. Some of the companies offering T1 lines to the state are Qwest, TW Telecom, and One Communications.

Digital subscriber line, DSL for short, internet access is a way of providing broadband connection speeds over the existing telephone lines. The technology divides a single line into high and low frequencies, so there is no bleed over, and the user can utilize the same line for talking on the phone while they are viewing websites. DSL ISPs serving South Carolina include AT&T, BellSouth, and Frontier, as well as SBC Yahoo! DSL and Verizon.