High Speed Internet Providers – Vermont

There are currently various internet service providers (ISPs) offering broadband Internet access in Vermont. As consumers increasingly demand high speed connectivity, these ISPs have responded with different technologies — T1 and bonded T1, satellite, DSL, and cable— that provide always-on connections that are affordable and reliable.

Vermont Internet Speed Test

T1 and Bonded T1 Lines
Increasingly, small to large businesses are turning to T1 and bonded T1 lines in order to get all of their employees online, at the same time. T1 lines offer large amounts of bandwidth, so many users can be uploading and downloading data without there being a slowing in the transmission speeds. Some of the companies offering T1 access are Qwest and MegaPath.

Satellite Internet
A broadband satellite internet service is a good option for those living in Vermont’s picturesque rural areas, in locations where it is difficult — if not impossible — to get high speed service through other technologies. Delivered through a satellite dish and modem, satellite internet connections can be subscribed to through ISPs like Directv and HughesNet.

DSL Access
Digital subscriber line, that is, DSL, is a technology that delivers broadband connectivity through the phone lines. Unlike dial-up connections, though, DSL access is always-on, high speed, and very reliable. Another plus is that the user can be online and using the phone, both connected to the same phone line, simultaneously. Pelican Coast Internet, PowerDSL and IPNS all offer DSL connectivity to the state.

Cable Internet
Many homes, today, are already wired for cable television service. The same wiring can be used to deliver broadband internet access when the cable is plugged into a cable modem, which in turn is connected to the user’s computer. Adelphia and TimeWarner both bring Vermont residents cable TV and Internet service, and both offer each service individually or as a bundle.