Smart TVs, like smartphones, can do so much more than the old models that don’t have a computer in them. Smart TV technology has increased dramatically in recent years, and with that so has the consumers’ desire for their TVs to be more like their phones, computers, or tablets. What’s coming up next for smart TVs? The latest smart television rumors include new operating systems, Internet compatibility, and network integration.


Internet Connectivity

Manufacturers are beginning to see the importance of Internet connectivity in television sets and are creating smart TVs that are WiFi ready. Many smart TVs currently have the ability to access some of your favorite sites like Netflix and Hulu, but these apps come preinstalled. App stores are the next step up. Companies are creating app stores that will allow users to connect online and find their favorite apps like Facebook or YouTube. Some of these apps will come preinstalled on the sets, but expect to pay to add others to your TV.

Networking Support

The smart TVs of the future will be working toward the ability to connect to the consumer’s local network. They will be able to connect to your router and access your local area network (LAN). It also enables other devices to connect to the TV. This will allow users to transfer video, pictures, and even files to the television from all of their favorite devices, computers, smartphones, and tablets included.

Peripheral Integration

With Internet connectivity and networking support becoming a standard in smart TVs, peripheral integration is becoming easier. Some users will be able to use their smartphones as a remote for the TV, others can swipe across the smartphone screen and throw pictures or video onto the TV. It will only be a matter of time before users will be able to use their computer directly on the TV without that pesky HDMI cable.

New Operating Systems

Currently, all smart TVs use the Android operating system to get things done. However, CNET reports that Samsung is preparing to integrate its Linux-based Tizen into the smart TV market. And Apple is supposedly in the works of creating a TV that is based on their iOS.

Other Minor Features

TVs are becoming the new multimedia platform for industry leaders. Smartphones needed to be a phone above all — which is their weakest point in many cases — but they are now also a camera, a flashlight, an assistant, and a computer as well. The TV will soon be all of those, including a phone. The new TVs keep track of what a household watches and makes recommendations of other shows the family may want to watch. Soon, they will have profiles for individual family members allowing parents to restrict access to children.

Smart television rumors are fun to read, and in most cases, they will become a reality. It may take a little longer than expected for the technology to appear, and it may flop — like 3D televisions — but everyone is looking for the next groundbreaking features that all families will be excited to have.