When Sony first released the PlayStation 3, its ability to play BluRay movies, DVDs and music CDs meant the device was more than just a video game system. Additionally, you can also listen to music from other computers on your home network by using the PS3 media server capability. With the PlayStation 3 as the centerpiece of your home entertainment system, this added feature is just another great way to get more use out of your PS3 investment.

Setting Up the PS3 Media Server is Easy

The PlayStation 3’s media server capability allows it to connect to any Digital LIfe Network Alliance (DLNA) compatible device on your network. This lets the PS3 serve as a client and be able to stream any form of media like video, music or photos from the connected device. This client-server networking is possible using either a wireless router or a hardwired Ethernet connection.

There are a wide array of devices that support the DLNA standard. One common device is a Windows PC with at least version 11 of the Windows Media Player installed. Whatever DLNA device you use, make sure it is set up to allow shared access. If not, you won’t be able to see the device from your PlayStation 3.


Enjoying a Variety of Media from the PlayStation 3

Once all the DLNA devices on your network are enabled to share their content, they will be visible on your PS3’s XMB interface either on the photo, video or music menu icon, depending on the media type. All folders and files that were marked as shareable on the DLNA device can be browsed or played on the PS3.

The PS3 media server capability is just another great way to get more life and functionality out of your PlayStation 3. If you have a large library of music on a server on your home network, some PS3 games even allow the use of those songs as a soundtrack while playing the game. Now, that’s cool!