So, you have a ton of YouTube and SoundCloud bookmarks and are wondering what to do with them (besides playing them individually, track by track).


Try Whyd

Imagine a bookmarking player for all your individual YouTube and SoundCloud URLs. This player is even more than that: it’s a community of music lovers who have great taste and prefer free music streaming.

Whyd hails from Paris, so get ready for a lot of French taste (Dance, Disco, Electronic, and Indie from all over the world). It is still in beta mode, so you’ll have to ask for an invitation (go ahead and watch the video as well).

Why Use It?

Billions of tracks are available online, and this player lets you organize them all on one single platform. You can keep, play, and share free and legal music from the Web by using Whyd to organize your tracks into playlists without any interruptions. You can listen to your own playlists or other users’ playlists. In addition, you can share: Whyd is a social network designed for music folks around the world, and it rocks!

How to Use It

First, you need to ask for an invitation. Then, you need to sign up (Facebook or email works). The music player is extremely easy to use over the Chrome browser (in fact, the company recommends you use Chrome). Plus, there’s more functionality* with Chrome, but any browser will work:

1. Find a track (if all of your YouTube and SoundCloud bookmarks are ready to go, skip this part). Google an artist and track name, and copy the URL.

2. Click add track above (the green button in the header on the right). Paste the URL in the lightbox, which will show your track and where it’s from.

3. Select a playlist (you need to create these individually) and add a note if you like. Click Add. Your track is now in your player.

Now start filling your player with music (make sure to individually play each track, because some YouTube tracks will not play). Click Stream in the Header. These are tracks that your followers post (when you first sign up, you’ll get a few automatic ones). Click Discover and find out whose taste is similar to yours. Click Hot Tracks on the Stream page to listen to some of the most popular tracks on Whyd. Add your tracks, make friends, subscribe to everyone, and enjoy! This is the best thing ever to happen to music lovers. Plus, if you ever have an issue, the support team is amazing.

How many tracks are you going to add? Well, you’ve got your work ahead of you because some of these folks have over 2,000 tracks. So get to work, and enjoy free music! Whyd has a great Blog and Twitter feed, too. Happy streaming!

*Attention Chrome users! Chrome has a droplet app that lets you add music with two clicks. Click the droplet, click Add. Voila!