About BandwidthPlace

Your Speed Test. Any Device. Anywhere:  In early 2013, The BandwidthPlace team completed development of the first speed test that incorporates HTML5 technology. Hosted on a completely re-designed site, this new responsive web experience allows the site and speed test to detect the user’s device and adjust for optimal viewing. What that means for BandwidthPlace.com users is that the speed test can easily run from any device, anywhere in the world without a separate application. 

Users can select from a list of server locations and test their bandwidth to websites that are hosted locally as well as longer distances.  And, BandwidthPlace.com users will play a big part on where we expand to next! All users, plus our selected group of IT professionals, can request the addition of new server locations by clicking on the Feedback tab located on any page.

BandwithPlace.com will also deliver more value to Internet and broadband users.  The new site design includes features that will allow users to access special deals and promotions for Internet, data, and voice services, get the information on new products, streaming media trends and programs, and tips for optimizing current services.

A bit of history:  In 2002, BandwidthPlace.com launched a free, easy-to-use speed test for global Internet users.  Over the last 11 years, the speed test evolved to keep up with the rapidly increasing adoption of broadband and new devices across the world – from the desktop to mobile and the now growing tablet markets.  Through the millions of speed tests taken every month, we have seen first hand the transformation of how people use the Internet – the upload and download trends, global usage, increased amounts of bandwidth per user and the popularity of devices used to connect.

Connect with us: At BandwithPlace – our passion has always been “all things Bandwidth” – visit often to test your speed and let us know any suggestions you have for the site!