As Google Fiber slowly increases its footprint across the United States, one of the country’s major Internet providers is upping their game with the rollout of an alternate “One Gig” Internet service. AT&T’s GigaPower continues to expand to new markets, possibly hoping to beat the competition to the punch. One of Google’s hopes for Fiber is to shake up the ISP market, and GigaPower’s aggressive expansion looks to be one result of their efforts.

One Gbps

Can you expect AT&T’s 1 Gbps service to become available in your region this year? Will its price bust your monthly budget? Let’s take a closer look at the answers.

AT&T GigaPower as Part of U-verse

AT&T delivers GigaPower as part of its U-verse Internet and Digital TV package. This offers the potential opportunity for cost savings if you decide to bundle multiple services under one AT&T account. The 100 percent fiber-optic network claims speeds of up to 1 Gbps, so if you subscribe, be sure to perform regular speed tests to ensure you are getting the bandwidth you deserve.

The typical GigaPower bundle provided by AT&T includes Digital Phone and TV, as well as a high-end DVR with 1 TB of storage. The price for GigaPower appears to depend on the market. Cupertino subscribers pay $110 per month for 1 Gbps, while users in Austin pay $70 per month. Google Fiber’s presence in the Austin market obviously affects the GigaPower price.

GigaPower Rollout Continues

If you live in a major metropolitan area, chances are decent GigaPower is available or AT&T is in the process of installing the necessary fiber for the service. In December, the company announced 38 new cities will be getting the service in 2016 bringing the total number of markets to 56 giving Google Fiber a real run for their money.

Check out AT&T’s GigaPower coverage map to see if your city is included. At a glance, it appears the Northeast and Northwest parts of the country are left out for the time being. In the former case, the difficulty and cost involved with fiber optic installation is likely hampering the rollout speed, as Verizon discovered with their FiOS product.

A perusal of online chatter about GigaPower reveals customers still having to wait a few months after the fiber is in the ground before they are able to subscribe to the service so patience is the key. But there’s still no denying the rapid rate of AT&T service rollout.

As more 4K video content becomes available for streaming, expect the need for 1 Gbps service to continue to grow. Multiple users streaming Ultra HD content and playing online games simultaneously on one home network makes it easy to consume bandwidth. Given this scenario, GigaPower’s arrival is awaited all over the land.