So you’ve performed an android speed test and it seems that the phone could be running a bit faster. Thankfully, you aren’t alone and probably won’t need to replace your phone before the contract period is up. Normal day-to-day usage of any smart phone tends cause it to slow down over time for a variety of reasons.

What are some of the best quick and easy ways to get your Android mobile device running at its optimal efficiency after performing an Android speed test? Here are five of the top techniques to try out on your phone.


1. Clear the App Cache

Any computer’s application cache — including those on smart phones — eats up memory and other system resources over time. There are a few apps available at the Google Play store to help manage a smartphone’s app cache. The best ones allow you to set the cache to clear automatically after a certain period.

2. Uninstall or Disable Unused Apps

With the large number of free apps available on the Android platform, it is easy to download one, try it out, and forget that it’s installed on your phone consuming memory. Make sure to periodically go through your app collection and delete the ones you don’t need. If you may use it again in the future, simply disable it.

3. Use a Third-Party App Launcher

Though a third-party app launcher is not something that will free up system resources or memory, installing one of the many that are available for Android can enhance your smartphone’s usability factor, which makes the device easier to navigate.

4. Reduce App Bloatware and Clutter

Not everyone owns a Google Nexus, so most Android smart phones are laden with pre-installed carrier bloatware. Take the effort to delete any apps you never wanted in the first place in addition to any extra widgets and shortcuts you may have installed over time. Remember, these all use system resources and will slow down your phone.

5. Disable Background Data

Many installed apps, like social media or news apps, periodically check the internet for updates. Each time they ping the internet, it takes up battery power and system cycles. Make it a point to disable or even limit an app’s usage of background data which is a good way to save on your monthly data allowance.

Following these five simple steps will go a long way in improving your Android phone’s speed, as well as its power and data usage. Running that Android speed test doesn’t have to mean bad news!