With Google bringing its own gigabit Internet service to Louisville, it stands to reason AT&T Fiber would follow a similar path. In fact, Google Fiber’s appearance in the Derby City likely influenced AT&T decision to boost its own Fiber investment in Kentucky’s largest metro area. Healthy competition makes everyone’s Internet speed a little faster.

The Southeast gets High-Speed Internet

Mid October saw the announcement of four new cities in the Southeast as the next metro areas to receive AT&T Fiber. Internet users in Lafayette, LA, Montgomery, AL, Macon , GA and Columbus, GA are now able to take their bandwidth to a higher level.


Is AT&T Fiber coming to your neighborhood? Image copyright AT&T.

Fiber – formerly known as AT&T GigaPower – is currently available in 6 million locations spanning 61 metro areas. Plus AT&T expects to boost its reach to 7 million locations by the end of the year. These ultra-fast Internet speeds are vital for anyone streaming 4K video or playing the latest online multiplayer video games.

AT&T Fiber Service Plans Abound

AT&T Fiber currently provides two options for customers looking to boost their Internet service to a new threshold. Internet 100 offers a speed of around 100 Mbps, while Internet 1000 provides a true gigabit experience. AT&T notes that download speeds with the latter actually average around 940 Mbps.

The 100 plan is available at a monthly cost of $60, while Internet 1000 is priced at $80 per month. Add U-Verse TV to the faster service for an extra monthly cost of $40. Internet 1000 also includes an unlimited data allowance, while Internet 100 provides 1 TB of monthly data with an overage charge of $10 for each additional 50 GB.

As with any modern telecommunication service, bundling is a great way to save money. Both Fiber plans are $10 cheaper when bundled with phone or TV service from AT&T. The company typically includes installation and a WiFi router for free.

Another free perk included with Fiber is the AT&T Internet Security Suite. This McAfee-powered cybersecurity solution offers peace of mind in an era of extra vigilance due to hackers and other nefarious online activity.

So if you want to take your Internet service to the gigabit level, pay attention to what ISPs currently offer plans in your area. To check the availability of AT&T Fiber, simply click on the following link. Soon, you’ll be streaming 4K video with no buffering at all!