Being a student can be one of the most exciting and most stressful times of your life. Juggling multiple courses, family matters, and work can all make even the best student fall behind. Fortunately, several online tools for students can help you improve your work-life balance. By focusing on your core needs, you can decide which ones are best suited for you.

The Only Note Application You’ll Need

2glasses-on-1204276-m copyAlthough there are many note applications on the internet, Evernote is one of the few tools that provides a solid user experience whether you are on your tablet, smartphone, or desktop. Because Evernote offers cloud synchronization, you can be sure that your class notes are always accessible whether you are in the classroom or on the go. One of the best features of this synchronization is that even if you aren’t connected to the Internet when you take the notes, once you are connected again your notes will upload automatically, so you always have a backup.

Easy Document Collaboration With Classmates

When it comes to handling group projects, planning in-person meetings with your group can be a logistical nightmare since each person is operating on a different schedule. Google Docs allows you and your classmates to access your projects using your Google accounts so you don’t have to worry about memorizing yet another password. As with Evernote, Google Docs also stores your data in the cloud so that you and your team can collaborate at home or on the go. What sets Docs apart from many other tools is that it is a full online office suite, so that you can work on presentations, spreadsheets, and reports all from a central location.

Citations Simplified

Last but not least, one of the best online tools for students is Zotero, a tool which streamlines citation creation. Simply fill in the fields with the necessary information, or clip the web page, and Zotero will automatically log the author information. Aside from organizing your sources, you can literally generate an entire bibliography in a few clicks, which can save significant amounts of time when writing your papers.

Despite the hectic life that goes along with it, being a student doesn’t have to be a nightmare. By incorporating solid tools into your life, you can ensure that you are able to stay on top of things and have a manageable workload.