When most people think of social networking, they immediately think of the giants, such as Facebook and Twitter. However, there are many sites out there that cater to specific crowds, such as freelance writers.


Freelance writers, in their own right, are a large and diverse group of people. Everything written on the Internet is written by someone. While some online content is written by employees of companies, and the majority of it is written by people who have something to say on their blogs, a large amount of it is hired out to freelancers. Freelance writers may write fiction or nonfiction, depending what genre they are working for at the time. In fact, nowadays many authors can be considered freelancers. The Internet has many places for people to get together and talk about their latest works, triumphs, and failures.

  • Freelancers Union: This site is not necessarily for writers. It is for all people in the freelance world, all 42 million of them. This includes insurance agents, hair stylists, photographers, and more. The site helps freelancers to get insurance, gives tax help, and has links to almost everything freelance related. Users can create a profile and discuss issues with other members. Discounts are offered on services between members, and members can make contacts from across the nation.
  • LinkedIn: This site has grown in popularity over the last couple of years and is also not just for freelancers, but for everyone in the business world. Members can create profiles, create groups, join groups, and make connections. Users can post resumes on the site and share links to current works with the community.
  • Red Room: This is a different kind of site, targeted toward those in the creative writing business. Red Room allows users to create blogs, sell books and/or articles, and discuss everything under the moon with other authors and readers from around the globe. The site connects authors to readers. In fact, becoming a premium member may get you the opportunity to chat with one of Red Room’s featured authors such as Jon Stewart, Barack Obama, or Stephen Colbert.
  • FreelanceWriting: Freelancewriting.com is not so much a social networking site as much as a link to social sites. This site has links to everything for freelance writers, including more than 800 submission guidelines for websites, magazines, and book publishers.

Freelance writers may not be widely known for their social skills, but in today’s world it is imperative for anyone in the freelance world to get out there and connect with his/her potential audience. Social networks can be very advantageous to building connections, but they can also be very easily misused or not used optimally. Freelance writers should seek out connections with people who are interested in the work they’re doing so that they have a built-in audience when they share their work.

Photo credit: Flickr